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    Featured Article:

    What is a Feral Cat?
    The domestic cat evolved from the African wild cat, Felis libyca. Feral cats are offspring of stray or abandoned domestic cats that revert to a wild state. Having been raised without any human contact, they have a natural fear of humans.  >>More of the Article>>

    Featured Chat:

    Small Bird Chat
    If you have small birds like finches, canaries, parakeets or any other small feathered friend, you won't want to miss Small Bird Chat! Join us every Saturday night from 10-11 PM Eastern Time!   >>Chat Room>>

    What's New at Connectedbypets.com?

    Reptile & Amphibian Art
    What's new in the Kingsnake.com art gallery? Russ Jones, Rob Stine, Andrea Meredith, and Tell Hicks join the world's foremost reptile and amphibian artists - don't miss it! >>More At The Gallery>>

    Featured Link:

    Wolf Cam
    Do you enjoy passing your time watching wildlife in their habitat? I spend a lot of my time watching web cams. Take the time and enjoying watching these wolves in action.   >>More>>

    Just For Fun:

    Featured Canines
    We know your dogs are your best friends - in fact, we're pretty sure they're the greatest dogs in the world. Make sure that EVERYONE knows how wonderful they are! We're looking for senior dogs, heroic dogs, too-cute-to-be-true puppies, show champions, mixed breeds, shelter dogs, search and rescue dogs - there aren't any kind of dogs we don't want to hear about!  >>More>>

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