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CatHobbyist.com Chat Week
December 7-13, 2003

Sunday December 7

Dr. Tom LonsdaleDr. Tom Lonsdale
Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health for Cats, Dogs, & Ferrets

Sunday, December 7, at 9 PM Eastern in The Dog Den
Tigers do it... owls do it... lions and wolves do it... heck, even some PLANTS do it! Why so much controversy over feeding whole prey animals to domesticated cats and dogs? Australian veterinarian and author Dr. Tom Lonsdale wants you to know that your dogs, cats, and ferrets are carnivores, and that there can be amazing health benefits for them when fed their natural diet. And it doesn't come in a bag or can! For more information and a free email reminder: Dr. Tom Lonsdale

Monday December 8

Eric Averill, DVM
Feline Diabetes

Monday, December 8, at 9 PM Eastern in Cat Care Central
It is important to realize that with good veterinary care and a dedicated owner, diabetes is a treatable disease. CatHobbyist.com is very pleased to welcome Dr. Eric Averill as our guest at a special chat on Feline Diabetes to discuss the care of diabetic cats. For more information and a free email reminder: Dr. Eric Averill

Melody PughMelody Pugh
The Pet Detective

Monday, December 8, at 10 PM Eastern in the Auditorium
Is your cat missing? Do you want to know the very best way to find your cat if she or he ever is? Come meet Melody Pugh, the Pet Detective, and hear about her successful searches for lost pets! Melody has been featured in magazines and newspapers across the country, don't miss it!

Tuesday December 9

Cutter, IWSGC Tejas Cut and Shoot, International Winner, Best Bengal in the World, in 1997. He was the Best Shorthair Cat in the Region, and the 7th Best Shorthair InternationallyJim Smith, Tejas Bengals
Myths About the Bengal Cat

Tuesday, December 9, at 10 PM Eastern in Cat Care Central
Jim Smith of Tejas Bengals is the owner of Bengal-L, an active email list about Bengal cats with over 700 members, and past Vice-president of the International Bengal Cat Society. Tejas Bengals has produced some of the top winning Bengals in the world. He has worked with foundation stock and Asian Leopard Cats, and is currently working to establish the Savannah breed as well. He will discuss myths and misconceptions about the Bengal cat.

Wednesday December 10

Moira O'Connor
Pet Insurance: Is it Worth It? Which One is Right for Me?

Wednesday, December 10, at 9 PM Eastern in the Auditorium
As vet bills become more difficult to pay, many cat owners look into obtaining pet health insurance. But there are many plans out there, and lots of conflicting information on how to select one and what options are best for each situation. Moira O'Connor has over 35 years' experience in the insurance industry, particularly working with risk management, review, design, and implementation of insurance plans for businesses, as well as risk analyis and determining the correct insurance product to fit the perils, exposures and financial needs of the client. Whether it is a business, home, auto, medical or pet insurance policy, understanding the terms and benefits of a plan, and comparing them to one's needs and financial ability, is the key to purchasing the proper insurance plan. If you are considering pet insurance, or have questions about a plan you currently hold, don't miss this chat!

Thursday December 11

Gloria Stephens
Author, The Legacy of the Cat

Thursday, December 11, at 9 PM Eastern in Cat Care Central
Gloria Stephens is a judge for The International Cat Association (TICA), and author of a classic cat book, Legacy of the Cat. She also has produced two CDs, A Child's CD About Cats and Cats, Breeds, Genetics, Photos, both with photographs by Helmi.

Helmi Flick
Digital Feline Photography

Thursday, December 11, at 10 PM Eastern in Cat Care Central
In what she describes as a "young career," Helmi Flick has quickly become considered one of the very top cat photographers in this country, widely sought after for cat shows, personal portraits, and a number of feline-related projects such as books, CDs, and other forms of media. We are honored and privileged to have her be a guest with us again this year. In her words, "The best part of this job is getting to meet your kitties and making them look as good as they can by creating portraits with my camera and computer that you and I both can be proud of. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your cats, and get better at it . . . one cat at a time." Find out more about Helmi, feline photography, and this special chat event!

Friday December 12

Magic and JackiJacki Hadra
Friday, December 12, at 9 PM Eastern in the Auditorium
"No pet should ever have to die because their person didn't have the funds necessary to get proper medical treatment, or medicine and supplies." With those words, IMOM, Inc. founder Jacki Hadra expresses the mission of her organization, and the legacy of her cat, Magic, who died in 1998. IMOM works its magic by supplying funds, or helping pet owners raise funds, to pay veterinary bills for pets who need surgery or other medical care that the owners could otherwise not afford. You can read the moving story of IMOM's founding, as well as countless stories of pets helped by the organization, and learn how you can support IMOM, at IMOM.org.

Saturday December 13

Amy ShojaiAmy Shojai
Caring for Senior Cats

Saturday, December 13, at 9 PM Eastern in Cat Care Central
Does a senior cat have a place in your heart and in your home? Are you wondering how you can keep your cat young and healthy longer? Come meet the author of Complete Care for your Aging Cat, Amy Shojai, at this special chat! Amy Shojai is a nationally known authority on pet care and behavior. She began her career as a veterinary technician and is the author of eighteen nonfiction pet books and more than 400 published articles and columns. She has written widely in the pet field on training, behavior, health care, and the health benefits of keeping cats and dogs. She is the founder and past president of the international Cat Writers' Association, a member of the Dog Writer's Association of America, Inc. and of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She has won numerous awards for her books and articles. For more information about Amy and her books, and to sign up for a free email reminder for her chat: Amy Shojai.

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