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Twelfth Annual Chat Month on PetHobbyist.com
February 5-28, 2010

Friday, February 26:

Nathan Winograd
10 PM Eastern Time in the Auditorium
Nathan Winograd is one of the most passionate and controversial voices in animal welfare today. As part of this year's Chat Month focus on "Ending Pet Homelessness," he'll be speaking with Christie Keith on Friday evening about the role the law can play in saving animal lives, and how legislation and litigation can help create a No Kill nation.

NOTE: Although Nathan was originally scheduled to speak with Christie Keith, she has laryngitis. Mike Fry and Beth Nelson of Animal Wise Radio and the Animal Ark Shelter of Hastings, Minnesota have agreed to step in for her. PetHobbyist.com extends a huge thanks to Mike and Beth for their kindness!

Nathan will answer questions about how to fight back in the courts and in the legislature, about New York State's proposed Oreo's Law, the feral cat lawsuit in Los Angeles, how the Civil Rights Act can come to the rescue, using the Freedom of Information Act, and more.

Nathan will be joining us via streaming audio, and you'll be able to comment and ask questions in our text-based chat room.

10 PM Eastern Time in the kingsnake.com chat room
John Binns is president of the International Reptile Conservation Foundation, whose principal aim is to support conservation and research programs that contribute to the survival of threatened reptiles and amphibians and their habitats.

The IRCF works in concert with the scientific community, educators, and professional conservation organizations as a part of the total conservation solution. The IRCF is a member-based organization that actively pursues the conservation of reptiles and amphibians and the natural habitat and ecosystems that support them in a variety of capacities, depending on the project or program.

John will be joining us tonight to discuss a variety of IRCF's campaigns, as well as where more help may be needed. While many look at the reptile community as from a pet trade industry perspective, kingsnake.com also strongly supports many conservation efforts world-wide, including kingsnake.com CEO taking a turn in a dunk tank at Daytona last summer in support of IRCF.

John and kingsnake.com's Cindy Steinle will be talking via streaming audio, and you'll be able to chat, comment and ask questions in our text-based chat room.

Saturday, February 27:

Panel Discussion with IMOM
9 PM Eastern Time in the Auditorium
Times have been hard -- brutally hard -- on all kinds of charitable efforts, and animal causes are no exception. How can animal welfare organizations beat the times and keep helping pets in need -- and how can animal lovers still help animals when their wallets are feeling the pinch as well?

That's the topic we'll be tackling on Saturday, Feb. 27, at 9 PM Eastern Time, when we're joined by IMOM founder/president Jacki Hadra and IMOM vice-president Cindy Wilson for a panel discussion with Christie Keith on "Keeping help flowing to animal causes in a recession."

Few groups understand better than IMOM just how difficult it is for people to cope with an inability to pay their pets' veterinary bills. They've been making grants and helping pet owners raise money for procedures for pets whose owners can't handle the costs on their own. But tough times have made it hard for them to keep helping.

If you're a rescue group or are trying to raise money to help animals, find out from others in the same boat what tips and techniques work better in tough times. And if you're an animal lover, find out how you can help not just IMOM but all kinds of animal organizations, just how little it can really take to make a difference in a sick or injured pet's life, and how much difference that can make for the pet's owner, too.

Bring your questions and comments, as you'll be able to share them in our chat room while listening to the streaming audio interview!

Julie Bergman
9 PM Eastern Time in the kingsnake.com chat room
Julie Bergmen of Gecko Ranch will be joining us to talk... what else? "Geckos!" Julie is a noted breeder, keeper and author of and about geckos, Global Gecko Association 2009 President and Lifetime member, member of the International Reptile Conservation Foundation, Pet Industrial Joint Advisory Council(PIJAC), Heritage Society, University of California School of Veterinary Medicine and Northern California Herpetological Society.

She is also the author of "Geckos: Day Geckos, Tokay Geckos plus New Caledonians and More!" and co-author, "Leopard Geckos: A complete guide to Eublepharine Geckos."

Julie will be talking with kingsnake.com's Cindy Steinle via streaming audio. Bring your questions!

Darlene Arden
10 PM Eastern Time in the Auditorium
As part of this year's focus on "Ending Pet Homelessness in America," perennial PetHobbyist.com favorite guest Darlene Arden will be joining us to talk about "Keeping dogs and cats in their homes by resolving -- and preventing! -- behavior problems."

Join the author of Rover! Get off her leg! and other top-selling pet books for an in depth look at how to handle common behavior problems once they arise, and better yet, how to keep them from happening in the first place!

Sunday, February 28:

Steve Dale and Kim Campbell Thornton
NEW TIME! 10 PM Eastern Time in the Auditorium
Steve Dale and Kim Campbell Thornton are two of the top pet journalists in America today -- but that's not why they're joining us this year.

Kim and Steve both had beloved pets who succumbed to genetic disease, and they're going to be talking with Darlene Arden about the funds they established in those pets' memories to help other animals afflicted with the same condition.

Steve founded The Ricky Fund in memory of his Devon Rex cat Ricky, who died at the age of 4 of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Kim founded The Darcy Fund in memory of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Darcy, who died of mitral valve disease.

Find out more about these diseases, how the Funds have helped both other animals and also Kim and Steve, and how you might go about honoring a lost pet in a similar way.

Kim and Steve will be speaking with Darlene via streaming audio, and you'll be able to comment and ask questions in the text-based chat room. Join us in the Auditorium!

Russ Gurley
9 PM Eastern Time in the kingsnake.com chat room
Russ Gurley founded the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group in 1996 to help spread the horrible news: The world’s turtles are disappearing. Across the planet there are a variety of pressures facing the world’s turtles including habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation, collection for food and folk remedies, collection for the pet trade, and many more. Each year, turtle and tortoise keepers are having more and more successes with keeping their chelonians healthy and in creative enclosures and they are producing healthy captive-hatched specimens that are living stress-free and parasite-free in homes all over the world. These pets are ambassadors for their cousins, living in nature.

The TTPG is involved with the dissemination of information about the world's turtles and tortoises and their proper care through talks at herpetological societies, Turtle Night at the National Reptile Breeders Expo, the TTPG Conference in Phoenix Reptile Expo, and through books, articles, care sheets, and their website. This, our final event of our 12th Annual Chat Month, marks the first of a regular TTPG group discussion that will be hosted on kingsnake.com

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