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Streaming Audio

Joining us for Chat Month 2011? Our reptile-related chats will be held in the kingsnake.com chat room; all other chats are held in The Auditorium. Our complete Chat Month schedule is here.

During our annual Chat Month event and throughout the year, we bring you live interviews with authors, scientists, veterinarians, animal welfare leaders, rescuers, breeders, academics, rehabbers, and other experts in the animal world.

You can listen to our programming through the Animal Wise Radio Network, and participate in a simultaneous text-based chat that allows you to ask questions of our guests, comment on the interview, and talk with other listeners.

You can also listen to the audio only, using your browser or a mobile device.

To participate live, you'll log into a chat room at the scheduled time. To the left of the chat room, you'll see a green Animal Wise Radio box. You can simply click "Listen" to begin the audio stream.

During our live interviews, there will be hosts in the chat room, designated by a "PH" in front of their names as well as a red flag next to it, letting you know how to ask questions and helping you with any connection problems.

To participate, you may ask questions or comment via your keyboard during the chat. Our hosts wil give the guest every opportunity to respond to your questions and comments.

A hint to make your questions more visible is to use the Bold Face icon on the tool bar just above the text window. Just type your question between the two boxes ([b]type here[/b]) and enter.

You can also listen by clicking on the Animal Wise box on any page on our site where it appears, by going directly to this link, or by visiting http://www.live365.com/play/animalwise in your mobile device.

If you cannot hear the streaming audio

Streaming audio requires a high speed internet connection and speakers, although some of our beta testers were able to listen on dial-up. However, it's not reliable.

Chatters using America Online to access the internet may need to sign onto AOL, minimize the program, and use a fully-featured version of Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the chat, as AOL's customized browser is not compatible with many forms of streaming audio.

Audio chats will be available for downloading in podcast form within a day or two of the event.

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